Monday, 1 February 2010

Barry M

See, in Holland we don't have Barry M Cosmetics, we have to buy it online. So my first time in Boots here in the UK was wonderful, cos I saw all these brands that are not widely available in Holland, like Urban Decay, Barry M, Too Faced, Benefit..
I always wanted to try some Barry M nailpolishes so yesterday, during a trip to Bath to see a rugby-match, I bought these 3 lovelies :). It's Blue Glitter, Light Pink and the 3 in 1 Topcoat, Basecoat / Nailharderner one. I adore the blue one but the pink one too!! Here are soms photo's I made.

Do excuse the bad nails :) 
xoxo Rosy Olif

Saturday, 30 January 2010

I love my Zeeland

During christmas I was back in Holland for a bit.. well, 2 weeks actually :D
And ofcourse I did some good 'ol shopping, cos I hadn't bought christmas presents
yet! While I was shopping I saw this gorgeous Kathy Van Zeeland bag, and it was
on sale! okay, only 20% off, but still!
Now I can't remember the exact name of the bag, something with Buckle Satchel, if anyone knows please comment!
I adore it, and especially love the handles so you can put in on your shoulder, too.
And even though it shouldn't matter, really, I like the inside! I just like it when the inside
has a different colour or a nice pattern. Makes it feel a bit more fancy I guess!
Here are some pics I made for you.
Sorry if they're a bit crappy but; made with phone and lights on my room aren't that good :( !!!

Oeh I just love this last pic. I really like the buckles on this bag and the amount of details it has. Kathy did take a lot of time designing this one, love it! Now, this is not a designer-bag, I mean, the price isn't high enough, haha. This bag cost me €70,- which is the highest amount I have ever paid for a bag in my life. But I love it!! What's your fave bag??
x RosyOlif

Sorry Sorry Sorry!!

OMG You guys... I'm so!!! sorry!!! I haven't updated this blog in like..forever!
Things have been pretty hectic, didn't know being an au-pair took up so much time.. anywho
one of my new years resolutions was to start blogging again.. and hey! January isn't over (yet) so here's a new post and I promise you I will keep updating it regularly from now on :) ! I've made myself a list of posts I want to make in the near future.. so beware.. !! :D.

New blogpost coming this afternoon!!
( Got to make some pics first )

xoxo RosyOlif

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tag: 3 most Favourite Youtubers

I love this tag!!
First off, I start with a Youtube Make-up guru I adore; Michelle Phan. Her videos are always só clear, easily explained and in a strange way, very calming.
I loved this video, in a way it's really funny with the blonde wig and the thunder bolt on her face, but she makes it look like applying make-up is só easy. Whenever I try it myself, it nearly always fails, I tend to smudge things a bit too much and my eyeliner lines are never as straight as they should be. Here's the Lady Gaga video:

Then another Youtuber, it's Shane Dawson (Shanedawsontv), oh my God his videos are hilarious! It's SHANAYNAYYYYY! You háve to watch his videos they're superb :).
Here's a video about turn-offs:

And ofcourse there's Allthatglitters21 (Elle). Now I all heard the rumours ( are they true?? ) about she being payed for reviews etc. yet I still love her videos so I think she deserves a place on my blog! This here is my most favourite video of her; the bag, the ipod, the keychain ( Which I have got in green with a pink letter R, yay! To get it go to :) ) everything!

So, what's your favourite Youtuber? I tag anyone who want's to do this :).
Please send me a link then too if you did such a tag I love reading them!

xxx Rosanne

P.s. I finally finished packing for the UK, tomorrow morning I'll pack the last little things. On one side I am very nervous, I'm going to be away from my family a looooooong time, but on the other side, I really like the UK, and am sure I will have a great time in Oxfordshire.
Wish me luck!
I won't update tomorrow, seeing as I'm leaving home at 11 am, then at the airport at 2 pm, then flying at 4 pm, then arriving in the UK at 4 pm ( Which is actually 5 pm for me, due to the time-difference ) and then I'll meet my host family ( I'm going to be an au-pair! ) etc., get unpacking, meet the kids! So there won't be much time for beauty related things. I might just make a picture for a Face Of The Day ( Haha, a Travel-Face, lol ) if I'm in the mood :).
Talk to you later! xoxo

Monday, 9 November 2009

Tiny blog!

Hi everyone! ( or whoevers reading this, haha! )

Just a quick post today, I was busy all day preparing for my trip to the UK. I bought two webcams today, for chatting ( ofcourse one for me and one for my parents ). This way we can keep in touch via msn!

And I just found the loveliest little pouch ever, I think I'm going to use it for keeping my mp3 player in it, usually the cords of the earphones are all through my bag and this way they'll stay in one place!!

Sorry for this crappy post, however, I am a very busy woman! Packing for 5 months abroad isn't done in one day you see ;)!

Picture is made with phone hence the bad quality ;).
Thanks for reading, xxx Rosanne
Tomorrow there will be a proper update.

p.s. Yes I watermarked it! Good of me right? Finally found a good programma that's easy for me to understand, I'm not one the most technical people on the planet you see! :)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

My most favourite perfume .. EVER!

 Yes, it is. The scent of which I cannot seem to get enough!
Just had an eau de parfum and then went one and bought an eau fraiche ( eau de toilette ). I love it!
Everything about it, actually! I love the smell ofcourse, but also the packaging and the way it looks ofcourse!
I'm talking about Chanel Chance, a perfume that has been my 'going out scent' or 'fancy dress scent' for about two years. I love it and recommend it to anyone who wants a perfume that makes you feel classy. Because, in my case, it certainly does!
I cannot really describe the scent for you but here are the notes of the perfume, which I stole of the Chanel website ;).

'' A sphere of fresh, floral and spicy scents, held together and kept in constant motion by the Unexpected Accord.''

Aha. Well,  I'm afraid you'll know more about the scent if you just go out and smell it when you're in the neighbourhood of a perfume store.
This is what I have in my collection, which I'm going to expand later on, simply due to the fact that I never ever want to run out!!

If you look closely at the first picture you'll see the packaging of the eau de parfum ( on the right ) is allready a bit bruised. This is because I keep my perfume in the packaging so any dust won't settle on the bottle. And after opening it so many times ( sometimes just to sniff a little bit up and then closing the box again, haha ) that's what happens!

Question; What's your favourite scent? If you had to pick just one, which one would it be? High-end or somewhat cheaper maybe? Please comment :)!
xxx Rosanne

Friday, 6 November 2009

Tag: 5 most favourite films

I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this, however, I have seen it floating around a few blogs and seeing as I love movies too, I thought I'd share my fave's!
This list is in no particular order ;).

- The Ewoks ( actually both the films but I'll count this as one ):

I adore Wickett, I always played I was just like him. With a little walking stick and a bundle of fake money. Some feathers on my walking stick and crushing wood with bricks. I had my own little house in the woods behind our house where I often played I was the one who  walked through the woods of Endor! There are two movies; '' The Ewok adventure '' and '' The battle for Endor ''.  I like the first part the best!

The butterfly effect ( With Ashton Kutcher ): Honestly, a beautiful movie. About a teen who has the ability to change future and past. A mustsee if you ask me!

What's eating Gilbert Grape: A movie with Johnny Depp ( who doesn't like him?? ) and Leonardo DiCapro ( Who plays a mentally disabled boy ). A tearjerker but very sweet at the same time. Lot's of respect for the woman who plays the mother!

The Holiday: What can I say.. I just really like it. A good romantic movie and a fun one too! I love Jack Black in this one :).

Roan Inish: Oh boy! I adore this movie, when I was a kid I watched it about 2 times a week.. I know, right?! Crazy. But I love this movie so much and was always fast forwarding to the part where the boy returns to his grandmother and father :)! I have it on videotape now, and the colours are now just black and white, I have to get this on DVD soon!

I hereby tag anyone who want's to do this!
For me this made me want to watch Roan Inish again, so I guess I'll watch it tonight. Always good to feel like a kid again sometimes!!

xxx Rosanne

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Samples work!

Ah well, they do in my case :)!!
Beginning of last year a sample of a Chanel mascara was sent to me ( and hundreds of other girls in the Netherlands who had applied for them ). It was Chanel '' Exceptionell '' in colour 10 Smokey Noir. Now I have been using this the last couple of weeks ( had not openened it before, seeing as I had two other mascara's to finish ) and I must say this is a very good mascara! So I did it.
I went to the Chanel counter in a city nearby and picked it up. It made a good hole in my wallet, it's now very empty, but I am happy I have it!
Here are some pics of the mascara, and a swatch.
The mascara itself:

And here are the swatches I made:

I like it. As you can see it doesn't clump and gets almost every hair. It's a good black which shows easily, and it's easy to apply. I give this a 8 out of 10!
As you can see I am having a no-make-up-day today, something I tend to have about 3 times a month.  Just an embrace to the true me, hehe!
Thank you for reading, I will be posting more tomorrow!

xxx Rosanne

p.s. Like the new layout?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Gosh Darling lipstick

Hi to you!
So here's my first beauty related post, here it goes..!
During some time of my life I wasn't very into nude lips, mainly because I have a very pale skin and thought it wouldn't suit me. Now, however, I have been using more bronzer ( as it gives me a much, much more healthier look! ) and so the nude lip kind of came into my head. Why not give it a try?
My first attempt wasn't very succesfull. I didn't want to spend money yet on a nude lippie, so I used a facepowder, then a teeny weensy bit of foundation on my lips, then a layer of see-through lipgloss. Even though it looked very beautifull it didn't hold for more than 5 minutes. This because the foundation and powder went up to the edges of my lips, so a clown-effect nude lip would have been a better name.
However.. a few weeks ago I found a perfect nude lipstick at the Gosh counter in a drugstore nearby. At a not even very high price I decided to pick it up, only later to find that my favourite English blogster has about five of them and loves them too. So, yay!!
Here are some photo's of my very first beloved nude lipstick ( I have more now will show them later! ):

As you can see it's a very creamy texture. I often find that it's a bit too soft, seeing as the temperature of where I live ( where central heating is on daily, haha ) makes it warmer.
Just a question; Do you think it would be bad for a lipstick to lay in the refridgerator a night? Just to stiffen up, if that's how you put it :).
If anyone knows comment :).

xxx Rosanne

Hello :)

Hello and welcome to my blog.
This is my first post I'll try and update it as often as possible.
For the moment I still live with my parents in the Netherlands, but beginning next week
I'll be staying with a family near Wantage, UK, as an au-pair. I'll be updating on beauty ( such as in make-up hauls, perfumes etc. ) , but also pics of the UK and random bits and bobs ( hence the blog-name ).
Thank you for reading :)!
Rosanne xxx