Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Gosh Darling lipstick

Hi to you!
So here's my first beauty related post, here it goes..!
During some time of my life I wasn't very into nude lips, mainly because I have a very pale skin and thought it wouldn't suit me. Now, however, I have been using more bronzer ( as it gives me a much, much more healthier look! ) and so the nude lip kind of came into my head. Why not give it a try?
My first attempt wasn't very succesfull. I didn't want to spend money yet on a nude lippie, so I used a facepowder, then a teeny weensy bit of foundation on my lips, then a layer of see-through lipgloss. Even though it looked very beautifull it didn't hold for more than 5 minutes. This because the foundation and powder went up to the edges of my lips, so a clown-effect nude lip would have been a better name.
However.. a few weeks ago I found a perfect nude lipstick at the Gosh counter in a drugstore nearby. At a not even very high price I decided to pick it up, only later to find that my favourite English blogster has about five of them and loves them too. So, yay!!
Here are some photo's of my very first beloved nude lipstick ( I have more now will show them later! ):

As you can see it's a very creamy texture. I often find that it's a bit too soft, seeing as the temperature of where I live ( where central heating is on daily, haha ) makes it warmer.
Just a question; Do you think it would be bad for a lipstick to lay in the refridgerator a night? Just to stiffen up, if that's how you put it :).
If anyone knows comment :).

xxx Rosanne

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  1. Darling is leuk ja ik gebruik hem ook af en toe, ben zelf ook heel bleek maar ik vind hem eerlijk gezegt fouter staan bij een te bruin iemand (bimbo-look) hihi ik zou hem niet in de koelkast stoppen btw xxx