Monday, 9 November 2009

Tiny blog!

Hi everyone! ( or whoevers reading this, haha! )

Just a quick post today, I was busy all day preparing for my trip to the UK. I bought two webcams today, for chatting ( ofcourse one for me and one for my parents ). This way we can keep in touch via msn!

And I just found the loveliest little pouch ever, I think I'm going to use it for keeping my mp3 player in it, usually the cords of the earphones are all through my bag and this way they'll stay in one place!!

Sorry for this crappy post, however, I am a very busy woman! Packing for 5 months abroad isn't done in one day you see ;)!

Picture is made with phone hence the bad quality ;).
Thanks for reading, xxx Rosanne
Tomorrow there will be a proper update.

p.s. Yes I watermarked it! Good of me right? Finally found a good programma that's easy for me to understand, I'm not one the most technical people on the planet you see! :)

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