Saturday, 30 January 2010

I love my Zeeland

During christmas I was back in Holland for a bit.. well, 2 weeks actually :D
And ofcourse I did some good 'ol shopping, cos I hadn't bought christmas presents
yet! While I was shopping I saw this gorgeous Kathy Van Zeeland bag, and it was
on sale! okay, only 20% off, but still!
Now I can't remember the exact name of the bag, something with Buckle Satchel, if anyone knows please comment!
I adore it, and especially love the handles so you can put in on your shoulder, too.
And even though it shouldn't matter, really, I like the inside! I just like it when the inside
has a different colour or a nice pattern. Makes it feel a bit more fancy I guess!
Here are some pics I made for you.
Sorry if they're a bit crappy but; made with phone and lights on my room aren't that good :( !!!

Oeh I just love this last pic. I really like the buckles on this bag and the amount of details it has. Kathy did take a lot of time designing this one, love it! Now, this is not a designer-bag, I mean, the price isn't high enough, haha. This bag cost me €70,- which is the highest amount I have ever paid for a bag in my life. But I love it!! What's your fave bag??
x RosyOlif

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