Friday, 6 November 2009

Tag: 5 most favourite films

I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this, however, I have seen it floating around a few blogs and seeing as I love movies too, I thought I'd share my fave's!
This list is in no particular order ;).

- The Ewoks ( actually both the films but I'll count this as one ):

I adore Wickett, I always played I was just like him. With a little walking stick and a bundle of fake money. Some feathers on my walking stick and crushing wood with bricks. I had my own little house in the woods behind our house where I often played I was the one who  walked through the woods of Endor! There are two movies; '' The Ewok adventure '' and '' The battle for Endor ''.  I like the first part the best!

The butterfly effect ( With Ashton Kutcher ): Honestly, a beautiful movie. About a teen who has the ability to change future and past. A mustsee if you ask me!

What's eating Gilbert Grape: A movie with Johnny Depp ( who doesn't like him?? ) and Leonardo DiCapro ( Who plays a mentally disabled boy ). A tearjerker but very sweet at the same time. Lot's of respect for the woman who plays the mother!

The Holiday: What can I say.. I just really like it. A good romantic movie and a fun one too! I love Jack Black in this one :).

Roan Inish: Oh boy! I adore this movie, when I was a kid I watched it about 2 times a week.. I know, right?! Crazy. But I love this movie so much and was always fast forwarding to the part where the boy returns to his grandmother and father :)! I have it on videotape now, and the colours are now just black and white, I have to get this on DVD soon!

I hereby tag anyone who want's to do this!
For me this made me want to watch Roan Inish again, so I guess I'll watch it tonight. Always good to feel like a kid again sometimes!!

xxx Rosanne

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