Saturday, 7 November 2009

My most favourite perfume .. EVER!

 Yes, it is. The scent of which I cannot seem to get enough!
Just had an eau de parfum and then went one and bought an eau fraiche ( eau de toilette ). I love it!
Everything about it, actually! I love the smell ofcourse, but also the packaging and the way it looks ofcourse!
I'm talking about Chanel Chance, a perfume that has been my 'going out scent' or 'fancy dress scent' for about two years. I love it and recommend it to anyone who wants a perfume that makes you feel classy. Because, in my case, it certainly does!
I cannot really describe the scent for you but here are the notes of the perfume, which I stole of the Chanel website ;).

'' A sphere of fresh, floral and spicy scents, held together and kept in constant motion by the Unexpected Accord.''

Aha. Well,  I'm afraid you'll know more about the scent if you just go out and smell it when you're in the neighbourhood of a perfume store.
This is what I have in my collection, which I'm going to expand later on, simply due to the fact that I never ever want to run out!!

If you look closely at the first picture you'll see the packaging of the eau de parfum ( on the right ) is allready a bit bruised. This is because I keep my perfume in the packaging so any dust won't settle on the bottle. And after opening it so many times ( sometimes just to sniff a little bit up and then closing the box again, haha ) that's what happens!

Question; What's your favourite scent? If you had to pick just one, which one would it be? High-end or somewhat cheaper maybe? Please comment :)!
xxx Rosanne

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