Thursday, 5 November 2009

Samples work!

Ah well, they do in my case :)!!
Beginning of last year a sample of a Chanel mascara was sent to me ( and hundreds of other girls in the Netherlands who had applied for them ). It was Chanel '' Exceptionell '' in colour 10 Smokey Noir. Now I have been using this the last couple of weeks ( had not openened it before, seeing as I had two other mascara's to finish ) and I must say this is a very good mascara! So I did it.
I went to the Chanel counter in a city nearby and picked it up. It made a good hole in my wallet, it's now very empty, but I am happy I have it!
Here are some pics of the mascara, and a swatch.
The mascara itself:

And here are the swatches I made:

I like it. As you can see it doesn't clump and gets almost every hair. It's a good black which shows easily, and it's easy to apply. I give this a 8 out of 10!
As you can see I am having a no-make-up-day today, something I tend to have about 3 times a month.  Just an embrace to the true me, hehe!
Thank you for reading, I will be posting more tomorrow!

xxx Rosanne

p.s. Like the new layout?

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