Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tag: 3 most Favourite Youtubers

I love this tag!!
First off, I start with a Youtube Make-up guru I adore; Michelle Phan. Her videos are always só clear, easily explained and in a strange way, very calming.
I loved this video, in a way it's really funny with the blonde wig and the thunder bolt on her face, but she makes it look like applying make-up is só easy. Whenever I try it myself, it nearly always fails, I tend to smudge things a bit too much and my eyeliner lines are never as straight as they should be. Here's the Lady Gaga video:

Then another Youtuber, it's Shane Dawson (Shanedawsontv), oh my God his videos are hilarious! It's SHANAYNAYYYYY! You háve to watch his videos they're superb :).
Here's a video about turn-offs:

And ofcourse there's Allthatglitters21 (Elle). Now I all heard the rumours ( are they true?? ) about she being payed for reviews etc. yet I still love her videos so I think she deserves a place on my blog! This here is my most favourite video of her; the bag, the ipod, the keychain ( Which I have got in green with a pink letter R, yay! To get it go to www.glitzy-glam.com :) ) everything!

So, what's your favourite Youtuber? I tag anyone who want's to do this :).
Please send me a link then too if you did such a tag I love reading them!

xxx Rosanne

P.s. I finally finished packing for the UK, tomorrow morning I'll pack the last little things. On one side I am very nervous, I'm going to be away from my family a looooooong time, but on the other side, I really like the UK, and am sure I will have a great time in Oxfordshire.
Wish me luck!
I won't update tomorrow, seeing as I'm leaving home at 11 am, then at the airport at 2 pm, then flying at 4 pm, then arriving in the UK at 4 pm ( Which is actually 5 pm for me, due to the time-difference ) and then I'll meet my host family ( I'm going to be an au-pair! ) etc., get unpacking, meet the kids! So there won't be much time for beauty related things. I might just make a picture for a Face Of The Day ( Haha, a Travel-Face, lol ) if I'm in the mood :).
Talk to you later! xoxo

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